$ 14.67 / Ƀ 0.00035734


$ 8,166,108,272


$ 1,256,208,302


556,849,971 LINK

Total supply

1,000,000,000 LINK

All time high

$ 52.70

Difference between ATH


Date last ATH

May 10, 2021

Days since ATH


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Latest Chainlink updates on March 28th

Chainlink recently announced several important updates and announcements. The Lemonade Crypto Climate Coalition provided ~7000 Kenyan farmers with crop protection between 10/22-1/23. This enabled them to better plan for future seasons by providing the funds to buy new seeds for the next. These funds were sent to their mobile wallets via smart contracts at the end of the season. Additionally, registration for SmartCon 2023 in Barcelona opened for general access on March 27th at 12PM ET. Furthermore, Chainlink has integrated their Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on Ethereum with the NiftyLeague to help fairly select winners of its MEGA Raffle. Lastly, there have been 7 integrations of 3 Chainlink services across 5 different chains.

What is Chainlink ?

Chainlink is an open source decentralized oracle network designed to bring real-world data and off-chain computation to smart contracts on any blockchain. It enables developers to securely connect smart contracts with external data sources, systems and APIs, allowing them to create hybrid smart contracts that are more powerful and secure than ever before.

By connecting smart contracts to real-world data, Chainlink provides a secure, reliable and tamper-proof way to access off-chain data and computation. As a result, developers can build smart contracts that are more reliable, efficient and secure than ever before. The Chainlink network is also highly secure and flexible, allowing developers to easily integrate with existing systems and APIs, and even connect to 3rd party data sources.

Chainlink offers a wide range of solutions for developers, including market data feeds, weather data, sports data, and automated upkeep solutions. It also has a grant program to fund the development of new smart contract applications, as well as a community of developers who are building on the Chainlink network.

Overall, Chainlink is an exciting project that is revolutionizing how smart contracts can be used to access real-world data and computation. By providing a secure and reliable way to access off-chain data, it is enabling developers to create powerful and secure hybrid smart contracts that are revolutionizing the way businesses and organizations operate.

This article was published on 2023-01-28 by Marc Endevor. Information shown in this article was gathered from the project’s website and Twitter account. Coinvestigate cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information, or any news that may have impacted the project in the meantime.

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What is the price & marketcap of Chainlink?

Chainlink is a cryptocurrency with a price of $ 14.67 and marketcap of $ 8,166,108,272. Chainlink’s market price has decreased -10.35% in the last 24 hours. It ranks 14 amongst all cryptocurrencies with daily volume of $ 1,256,208,302.

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Past updates about Chainlink

Published on 2023-01-24 : Chainlink is working hard to improve their network. On Janurary 24th, Chainlink Economics 2.0 marks a new era for the Chainlink Network, with initiatives like Chainlink BUILD. Also on the 24th, Web3 Marketing Masterminds (W3MM) is taking place for #Web3 marketers to share insights, ask questions and join forces. On the same day, Arbitrum developers can use Chainlink Automation to save time, scale faster and create new features. As well, this week, there were 10 integrations of 6 Chainlink services across 3 different chains. On the 22nd, there was an opportunity to reformat the world’s value to be more transparent and secure using PoR. Also, on the 21st, there was an explanation of how blockchain games are different and the three words that define crypto gaming: Connectivity, ownership and empowerment. Finally, Merkle trees allow one to store unlimited data on-chain using a single hash, and there are local Chainlink Meetups every week around the world.

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