$ 0.563212 / Ƀ 0.00002072


$ 1,028,693,743


$ 82,221,433


1,824,388,193 MANA

Total supply

2,193,187,827 MANA

All time high

$ 5.85

Difference between ATH


Date last ATH

November 25, 2021

Days since ATH


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Latest Decentraland updates on February 21st

On February 21st, Decentraland celebrated its 3rd anniversary. To commemorate the event, the DCL Film Club Contest was held and the winners were announced. Also, the DCL-Edit V2 was launched thanks to the participation of 7000 builders from the community. The Decentraland community was also invited to the #DecentralandTurns3 celebration to reflect on the past year and watch winning videos from the contest. Furthermore, Decentraland thanked their core members of the community, and shared that they have an announcement coming soon. All in all, it was an exciting and celebratory day for Decentraland.

The Decentraland community was able to celebrate their 3rd anniversary in style with the launch of the DCL-Edit V2 and the Film Club Contest. With an announcement coming soon, the Decentraland community is looking forward to the future with anticipation. All in all, Decentraland had a successful 3rd anniversary celebration, and the community is full of excitement for what lies ahead.

What is Decentraland ?

Welcome to Decentraland, the first ever virtual world owned by its users! Decentraland is a decentralized virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Users can explore, create and trade in the world of Decentraland, where they can lose themselves in an amazing and ever-evolving world.

In Decentraland, users can buy, sell, and own virtual land, known as LANDs, and use them to build incredible scenes, artworks, and challenges. With the Builder tool, users can create their own unique virtual experiences, while more experienced users can use the SDK to create social games and applications. The Decentraland Marketplace is the place to buy and sell LANDs, Estates, Avatar wearables, and names, all backed by the Ethereum blockchain.

For those who want to shape the future of Decentraland, the Decentraland DAO is the place to be. The Decentraland DAO is the Decentraland’s governing body, owning the most important smart contracts and assets of Decentraland. Through the Decentraland DAO, users can vote on how the world works and determine its future.

At Decentraland, we are always looking for ways to make the world more interactive, engaging, and fun. We hold events and competitions to give users the chance to win prizes, and keep them up to date with the latest news, developments, and features.

We hope you have a great time exploring the world of Decentraland. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our Discord channel, or any of the usual channels. Thank you for being a part of Decentraland!

This article was published on 2023-01-28 by Marc Endevor. Information shown in this article was gathered from the project’s website and Twitter account. Coinvestigate cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information, or any news that may have impacted the project in the meantime.

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What is the price & marketcap of Decentraland?

Decentraland is a cryptocurrency with a price of $ 0.563212 and marketcap of $ 1,028,693,743. Decentraland’s market price has decreased -5.16% in the last 24 hours. It ranks 50 amongst all cryptocurrencies with daily volume of $ 82,221,433.

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Past updates about Decentraland

Published on 2023-01-16 : Decentraland is announcing a range of exciting updates! On January 16th, @AOmetaverse and @VegasCityDCL will be joining together to share all the details of the 14th AO23 Tournament. The Tournament will be hosted virtually through Decentraland, and it will be available to all Decentraland citizens. Additionally, Decentraland is hosting a 3-day Hackathon in Kenya, in collaboration with @meta_archs and @AIBCsummit. It will be a great opportunity for leading developers and industry experts to come together and create amazing projects. Furthermore, Decentraland is introducing new features to help citizens connect better and show off their works in progress. Finally, the latest high-level mosaic of all Wearables and Emotes is out and it looks awesome! All in all, it looks like a great start to the year for Decentraland!

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