$ 0.998761 / Ƀ 0.00003675


$ 1,043,386,288


$ 10,817,521


1,044,853,133 FRAX

Total supply

1,044,853,133 FRAX

All time high

$ 1.14

Difference between ATH


Date last ATH

February 7, 2021

Days since ATH


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Latest Frax updates on February 22nd

Frax Finance is a cryptocurrency project that has been making tremendous progress since 2021. In February 2023, they have been announcing various updates, dates and announcements. On 21 February, they announced that their veFPIS had entered the chat, bringing yields and a new paradigm along with it. On the same day, they also reported that their FraxETH had grown by 46.33% over the past month and now has over 100k ETH tokens locked. On 20 February, FraxETH hit 100k and the same day, US Banks reported quarterly to the SEC and weekly to the banking regulators. On 16 February, they invited people to join them, @reserveprotocol, and @reflexerf at Denver. On 14 February, they highlighted why their stablecoins are more regulatory-resistant than MakerDAO. On 8 February, they had a podcast with samkazemian and on 6 February, their token Frax Share had gained 26.93%. On 4 February, they had an ultimate vision to be “The Holy Trinity of DeFi”. To conclude, Frax Finance has had a great month in February 2023, announcing various updates and new developments.

What is Frax ?

Introducing Frax: The World’s First Fractional-Reserve Stablecoin

The world of cryptocurrency has been revolutionized with the introduction of Frax, the world’s first fractional reserve stablecoin. With its vision to create highly scalable, decentralized money in place of fixed-supply digital assets like Bitcoin, Frax brings an entirely new level of stability and scalability to the cryptocurrency world.

What is Frax?
Frax is a stablecoin, meaning that its value is linked to a real-world asset, such as the US dollar, and it is designed to maintain a stable price. It is also a fractional-reserve stablecoin, meaning that it is only partially backed by collateral, with the remainder of its value being stabilized algorithmically. This unique approach to stablecoins allows Frax to offer greater scalability and stability than other stablecoins.

How Does Frax Work?
The Frax Protocol is based on two components: the Collateral Reserve and the Algorithmic Stabilizer. The Collateral Reserve is a pool of cryptocurrencies that is used to maintain the value of Frax. This is done by creating a “basket” of cryptocurrencies that are used to back the value of Frax. The Algorithmic Stabilizer is an algorithm that is used to adjust the supply of Frax to keep its price stable. This algorithm is designed to be adaptive and able to adjust to changing market conditions.

Frax also provides a Crypto Native Consumer Price Index (CN-CPI). This index is designed to provide real-time pricing information for a variety of cryptocurrency assets, allowing users to make informed decisions about their investments.

What Are the Benefits of Frax?
The primary benefit of Frax is its scalability. By only requiring a fraction of its value to be backed by collateral, Frax is able to offer a much higher degree of scalability than other stablecoins. Additionally, its algorithmic stabilizer allows it to adjust to changing market conditions, providing an additional level of stability. Finally, its CN-CPI allows users to make informed decisions about their investments, providing them with the information they need to make the best decisions.

Frax has revolutionized the world of cryptocurrency with its fractional-reserve stablecoin. By providing scalability and stability, as well as real-time pricing information, Frax is an ideal choice for those looking to invest in cryptocurrency. If you’re looking for a stablecoin that can provide you with the scalability and stability you need, then Frax is the perfect choice for you.

This article was published on 2023-01-29 by Marc Endevor. Information shown in this article was gathered from the project’s website and Twitter account. Coinvestigate cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information, or any news that may have impacted the project in the meantime.

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What is the price & marketcap of Frax?

Frax is a cryptocurrency with a price of $ 0.998761 and marketcap of $ 1,043,386,288. Frax’s market price has decreased -0.13% in the last 24 hours. It ranks 48 amongst all cryptocurrencies with daily volume of $ 10,817,521.

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Past updates about Frax

Published on 2023-01-17 : Frax Finance is a cryptocurrency project that has experienced a lot of growth since the beginning of 2021. On January 17th, they reported 63,000 total supply of frxETH, which indicated a 43.3% growth in the last 30 days. Furthermore, on January 16th, NorthRockLP reported on a summary of the FXS thesis, which contains an advantage over other LSD platforms. On January 15th, 0xCha0s announced that Frax Finance had hit the 60,000 $frxEth milestone, and on the same day Napgener reported that the FXS may reach 15-20 within a few days if it continues to climb higher. On January 13th, Frax Finance announced some juicy yields on $frxETH and $FRAX pools on Solidly, and on January 12th DefiMoon reported that the MEV rewards were almost two times larger than the BC rewards. Finally, Frax Finance announced partnerships with Metronome and BrainDAO and that their assets were now integrated as collateral on the platforms.

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