$ 0.069424 / Ƀ 0.00000170


$ 2,331,089,119


$ 93,127,121


33,576,848,010 HBAR

Total supply

50,000,000,000 HBAR

All time high

$ 0.569229

Difference between ATH


Date last ATH

September 15, 2021

Days since ATH


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Latest Hedera updates on March 28th

Hedera has been making a lot of announcements and updates recently. On March 28th, they will be hosting a community call to discuss Q1 news, and will also be rewarding members from the ReFi and HBAR community as part of the SBSBoston Hackathon. They also mentioned their Data Stamping API which allows users to validate digital objects with geolocation. On March 27th, they shared a PSA about their open source leaderless proof-of-stake network, and announced that the TOKO platform creates tokens upon the issuer’s confirmation. On March 26th, they highlighted their limited edition trading pack via HashPackApp and congratulated LiithosEnt for a record-breaking 52K HBAR volume traded in their marketplace. Finally, they shared a research report by CointelegraphCS which features insider insights on Web3.

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What is the price & marketcap of Hedera?

Hedera is a cryptocurrency with a price of $ 0.069424 and marketcap of $ 2,331,089,119. Hedera’s market price has decreased -7.84% in the last 24 hours. It ranks 32 amongst all cryptocurrencies with daily volume of $ 93,127,121.

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Past updates about Hedera

Published on 2023-01-24 : At the beginning of 2023, Hedera is active and has made a number of announcements and updates. Avery Dennison is using the Hedera Consensus Service (HCS) as a decentralized public notary service, Kabila App Alpha Version is being updated in preparation for the Super Stress Test, Hbar Foundation is joining forces with EmTech, XeniTravel, and Wipay Caribbean, Hedera is being used to track billions of items, the network has experienced explosive growth, a report from UCL CBT found Hedera to be the most energy-efficient, a chat with Swirlds Labs Sr. Software Engineering Manager was conducted, Pangolin is launching on Hedera, Taylor Swift was quoted, a NFT platform has been created, a global law firm is using blockchain, over 3 billion transactions have been processed, a NFT DEX is live on Testnet, Realm Coin was minted on Hedera Mainnet, and over $30 million in trade volume has been unlocked. It is clear that Hedera is actively making great strides in the world of cryptocurrency.

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