$ 0.819896 / Ƀ 0.00003017


$ 5,718,099


$ 140,732


7,025,294 XFT

Total supply

9,922,017 XFT

All time high

$ 24.69

Difference between ATH


Date last ATH

January 19, 2022

Days since ATH


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Latest Offshift updates on February 22nd

OffshiftXFT is a cryptocurrency project that will be launching a private DeFi platform called PriFi in the week of February 27th. This launch will be accompanied by a token swap starting on February 22nd and a LP Rewards Program that will go live on February 27th. Over the last few weeks, the team has been actively promoting the upcoming launch through various channels. On February 1st, they released their first monthly newsletter of 2023, while on February 6th they released a video on the Offshift Academy YouTube channel. On January 31st, they held an AMA on Twitter Space with two influencers in the space. They have also been promoting their upcoming launch through Retweets, with the most recent one being on January 31st. As the countdown continues, OffshiftXFT is encouraging everyone to stay tuned for all the exciting updates that are coming and to prepare for the Mainnet launch.

What is Offshift ?

Offshift is a revolutionary new platform that is revolutionizing the way people invest in derivatives. It is the world’s first private derivatives platform, giving users access to a range of different derivatives products while still keeping their identities and transactions private.

Offshift’s platform is built on top of Ethereum, the world’s leading open-source blockchain. This allows it to leverage the Ethereum network’s security and scalability to provide users with a secure and reliable platform for trading derivatives.

At the core of Offshift is its proprietary ‘Shifting’ mechanism, which allows users to instantly convert between public assets, such as Ether, and private synthetic assets. This mechanism makes it easy for users to access the private derivatives markets without the hassle of traditional investment options.

In addition to the Shifting mechanism, Offshift also has a range of other features that make it stand out from the competition. It provides users with access to a variety of different derivatives products, including swaps, futures, options, and more. These products are all fully customizable, allowing users to tailor them to their specific needs.

Offshift also provides users with access to a range of different trading tools and indicators, giving them the ability to make informed decisions when trading derivatives. In addition, the platform also has a range of liquidity and staking options, which make it easy for users to access the market and stay up to date with the latest trends.

Finally, Offshift also has a range of different security measures in place, including multi-signature wallets and an on-chain reserve system, ensuring that users’ funds remain safe and secure.

Overall, Offshift is an innovative new platform that is revolutionizing the derivatives market. It is the world’s first private derivatives platform, allowing users to access a range of different products without sacrificing their privacy. The platform also has a range of different features, including trading tools, staking options, and liquidity, making it easy for users to get the most out of their investments.

This article was published on 2023-01-29 by Marc Endevor. Information shown in this article was gathered from the project’s website and Twitter account. Coinvestigate cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information, or any news that may have impacted the project in the meantime.

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What is the price & marketcap of Offshift?

Offshift is a cryptocurrency with a price of $ 0.819896 and marketcap of $ 5,718,099. Offshift’s market price has decreased -4.17% in the last 24 hours. It ranks 1200 amongst all cryptocurrencies with daily volume of $ 140,732.

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Past updates about Offshift

Published on 2023-01-17 : OffshiftXFT is a cryptocurrency project that is currently in the process of holding a Multi-Party Computation (MPC) Ceremony. This ceremony began on January 10th, 2023 and is estimated to last until January 24th, 2023. So far, the project has received 190 MPC Ceremony contributions, 1,464 testnet transactions, and is planning to launch their mainnet in Q1 2023. OffshiftXFT encourages their followers to participate in the ceremony and vote on the project. They have also hosted an AMA livestream on December 29th, 2022, where they shared big news about the project. This cryptocurrency project is highly active and is constantly providing updates about their progress.

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