Terra Luna Classic

$ 0.000061 / Ƀ 0.00000000


$ 357,790,471


$ 44,761,971


5,869,071,948,167 LUNC

Total supply

6,835,310,796,951 LUNC

All time high

$ 119.18

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Date last ATH

April 5, 2022

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Latest Terra Luna Classic updates on March 28th

Terra Money is a cryptocurrency project, and over the last week they have announced several updates. On March 28th, they announced a step-by-step guide for an Airdrop event. On the same day, they also reported on the latest development for the Astroport Community Call and an increase of supply caps for stLUNA, ampLUNA, and Yield $USD. On March 27th, it was reported that the Capapult Bounty results were out, and their new dapp was live. On March 24th, the CIP-47 V2.24.0 Software Upgrade was available for voting, and the Alliance module was live on Kujira Mainnet. On March 22nd, it was announced that the Alliance was almost here, and the Pisco testnet had successfully upgraded to version 2.3.0, which included the Alliance module and other enhancements. On March 21st, the StationWallet released version 7.1.6. All in all, Terra Money has been making progress in its cryptocurrency project over the last week.

What is Terra Luna Classic ?

Welcome to Terra and LUNA, a revolutionary open-source blockchain project that is paving the way for the future of decentralized finance. Terra and LUNA combine the power of blockchain technology and stablecoins to create a unique and powerful platform that enables users to stake, transact, and interact with a secure, digital economy.

Terra is a secure smart contract platform that enables developers to build and deploy decentralized applications (dApps) and protocols. It is powered by the innovative Tendermint consensus algorithm and built on the Cosmos SDK. The platform also features a robust development suite, including open-source tooling, guides, and tutorials.

LUNA is the native cryptocurrency of the Terra network. It is used to power the network and incentivize users to stake and participate in the network. Users can stake LUNA in order to earn rewards and secure the network. Staking requires users to lock up a certain amount of LUNA in order to receive rewards.

The Terra network also includes a variety of applications, including DeFi, gaming, and NFTs. There are also a range of tools available to help users interact with the network, such as Station, a wallet for staking and voting, and Terraform Capital, a venture capital firm that helps fund projects on the network.

To learn more about Terra and LUNA, visit the Terra website or join the vibrant Terra community on social media. There you can find an array of resources to help you understand the project and get started staking and interacting with the network.

This article was published on 2023-01-29 by Marc Endevor. Information shown in this article was gathered from the project’s website and Twitter account. Coinvestigate cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information, or any news that may have impacted the project in the meantime.

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What is the price & marketcap of Terra Luna Classic?

Terra Luna Classic is a cryptocurrency with a price of $ 0.000061 and marketcap of $ 357,790,471. Terra Luna Classic’s market price has increased 1.23% in the last 24 hours. It ranks 93 amongst all cryptocurrencies with daily volume of $ 44,761,971.

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Past updates about Terra Luna Classic

Published on 2023-01-17 : We are excited to announce the launch of Terra Station, a cross-chain wallet that reimagines what interchain blockchain experiences should feel like. Station supports Terra, Osmosis, Juno, Kujira, Carbon, HuaHua, Crescent, TomoChain, and more. It allows users to view and vote on proposals for all supported chains, simplifies crypto asset management, and is available as a desktop app, Chrome extension, Firefox add-on, and web app. Additionally, users can import an existing Terra Station or interchain wallet. As new chains and features are added over time, Station will evolve to become the single place to sign all cryptocurrency transactions. Furthermore, the On-chain Proposal #3795: Terra Poker Grant Proposal (Updated) is currently failing with 9.92% of the votes. We would like to remind users that they have 48 hours left to vote. Finally, stay tuned for more announcements coming soon.

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