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$ 128,664,745
24h Trading Volume
Ƀ 4,803
24h Trading Volume (BTC)

Bitstamp is a cryptocurrency exchange with total volume of $ 128,664,745 and has 7 markets and 29 pairs

Latest Bitstamp updates on January 31st

Bitstamp, a cryptocurrency exchange, has announced a number of updates in the past weeks. On January 30th, the exchange has unveiled two new services: IOUs and XRPL. These will allow users to hold their Bitstamp IOUs in the XummWallet, a non-custodial environment, and to use EUR-backed IOUs as their gateway to the XRPLedger.

On the same day, they have also announced that none of their customers are affected by the change in SWIFT service provision by Signature Bank.

On January 20th, Bitstamp reassures its customers that they have no exposure to Genesis Global Holdco, LLC or its subsidiaries.

On the same day, Bitstamp also presented the 3 crypto trends from the previous week. On January 16th, their Global CEO explained how Bitstamp keeps customers’ crypto safe. On January 14th, Bitstamp partnered with Immortals for their biggest giveaway yet. On January 13th, they announced an AMA with USA CEO Bobby Zagotta, where people will be able to ask him questions about the industry.

On the same day, they also confirmed that people can trade ETH, MATIC and GALA at Bitstamp and provided the 3 crypto trends from last week.

Finally, on January 12th, they announced that all USD payments will be paused on Monday, January 16th due to Martin Luther King Day, resuming on Tuesday.

They also congratulated the Avalanche team on their deal with Amazon..

Year Established2013
Has Trading IncentiveNo

Bitstamp Markets
CoinPairVolumeVolume (BTC)Volume (USD)Volume %
BitcoinBTC/USD1,841Ƀ 1,842$ 50,069,96138.92%
RippleXRP/EUR53,577,564Ƀ 1,023$ 27,810,10921.61%
RippleXRP/USD49,640,627Ƀ 947$ 25,771,92520.03%
BitcoinBTC/EUR427Ƀ 426$ 11,605,2629.02%
EthereumETH/USD5,115Ƀ 352$ 9,571,9137.44%
EthereumETH/EUR3,050Ƀ 209$ 5,707,8434.44%
Usd CoinUSDC/EUR4,375,041Ƀ 160$ 4,376,0053.40%
TetherUSDT/USD3,289,350Ƀ 121$ 3,290,3372.56%
Usd CoinUSDC/USD2,950,008Ƀ 108$ 2,950,1562.29%
BitcoinBTC/USDT77Ƀ 76$ 2,085,2871.62%