BtcTurk PRO
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$ 137,678,601
24h Trading Volume
Ƀ 5,140
24h Trading Volume (BTC)

BtcTurk PRO is a cryptocurrency exchange with total volume of $ 137,678,601 and has 13 markets and 36 pairs

Latest BtcTurk PRO updates on January 31st

BTCTurk, a Turkish cryptocurrency exchange, has released several important updates and announcements since January 28th 2021.

On January 30th, the company has started to support Brink, a non-profit organization that helps developers to strengthen the Bitcoin network, as well as providing an easy way to purchase Bitcoin.

BtcTurk also offers the possibility to store cryptocurrencies securely, giving advices about it. On the same day, the company has launched an online campaign about the relation between Bitcoin and music. Moreover, BtcTurk has sponsored the AlgoComp ’23 algorithm competition, organized by ITU ACM Student Chapter. Finally, the company has released a video tutorial to learn how to buy Bitcoin on their mobile app..

Year Established2013
Has Trading IncentiveNo

BtcTurk PRO Markets
CoinPairVolumeVolume (BTC)Volume (USD)Volume %
The GraphGRT/TRY22,724,891Ƀ 114$ 3,113,9852.26%
Fetch AiFET/TRY10,009,168Ƀ 99$ 2,717,1561.97%
RippleXRP/TRY4,084,769Ƀ 80$ 2,176,9641.58%
CartesiCTSI/TRY11,206,468Ƀ 77$ 2,098,4281.52%
Terra LunaLUNC/TRY18,712,065,296Ƀ 59$ 1,627,0141.18%
Spell TokenSPELL/TRY2,568,057,330Ƀ 57$ 1,564,6861.14%
SingularitynetAGIX/TRY4,711,427Ƀ 53$ 1,466,0721.06%
RippleXRP/USDT2,800,291Ƀ 53$ 1,453,3921.06%
Ocean ProtocolOCEAN/TRY3,416,651Ƀ 48$ 1,312,3550.95%
Shiba InuSHIB/TRY125,998,358,997Ƀ 40$ 1,101,6300.80%