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$ 162,520,067
24h Trading Volume
Ƀ 6,297
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CITEX is a convenient platform to manage cryptocurrencies, always committed to providing users with more secure, convenient, intelligent and innovative cryptocurrency management services. CITEX offers spot trading, mining, investment, incubation, OTC trading, earn, derivatives and other products.

Latest CITEX updates on January 30th

Citexofficial has recently announced a range of updates. On January 30th, users can take advantage of Lucky Tuesday, with no fees to trade ETHF. In addition, they encouraged users to register and check out the new daily mining profits. On the same day, they asked users to leave their comments on why real regulatory change in crypto has not happened yet.

On January 29th, Citexofficial launched a competition to guess the BTC closing price on the first day of February.

In addition, they announced the opening of a CSLA/USDT trading pair. On January 24th, Citexofficial encouraged users to invite their friends to register and trade any token on the platform for a chance to win 50 tokens.

On January 23rd, they asked users to comment on which token they thought would rise the most on January 25th. Finally, on January 21st, they announced the listing of BRT token on the platform..

Year Established2018
CountryBritish Virgin Islands
Has Trading IncentiveNo

CITEX Markets
CoinPairVolumeVolume (BTC)Volume (USD)Volume %
EthereumETH/USDT313,609Ƀ 21,799$ 585,034,611359.98%
BinancecoinBNB/USDT396,580Ƀ 4,525$ 121,437,51374.72%
BitcoinBTC/USDT4,433Ƀ 4,473$ 120,049,43173.87%
LitecoinLTC/USDT778,671Ƀ 2,604$ 69,883,60743.00%
Conflux TokenCFX/USDT219,277,717Ƀ 2,366$ 63,486,43439.06%
Matic NetworkMATIC/USDT35,304,942Ƀ 1,167$ 31,317,43819.27%
FantomFTM/USDT92,761,616Ƀ 1,083$ 29,074,03117.89%
DogecoinDOGE/USDT321,935,428Ƀ 856$ 22,973,52814.14%
Shiba InuSHIB/USDT1,947,282,354,407Ƀ 616$ 16,552,46710.18%
FilecoinFIL/USDT3,359,334Ƀ 585$ 15,700,5959.66%