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Coinstore: A Global Cryptocurrency Exchange Revolutionizing Crypto Finance

Coinstore is a leading global cryptocurrency exchange that brings together a team of seasoned financial professionals and blockchain experts. With a strong presence in 175 countries and a user base of 3.3 million registered traders, Coinstore offers seamless and rapid trading services, along with derivatives, OTC, and NFT solutions.

What sets Coinstore apart is its exceptional trading speed, operating at millisecond-level precision. The platform boasts a robust server architecture, ensuring smooth and efficient transactions for users worldwide. Security is a top priority, with Coinstore implementing bank-level measures to safeguard user assets. A comprehensive risk control system and real-time reconciliation further enhance the peace of mind for traders.

Coinstore’s dedication to excellence has been recognized within the industry. It has been crowned the best exchange in Asia by Crypto 306, while also earning the esteemed title of best rising star from Crypto Expo. This recognition highlights Coinstore’s commitment to revolutionize the world of crypto finance.

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Latest Coinstore updates on January 31st

CoinstoreExc has recently announced many updates and upcoming events. On January 30th, they launched an airdrop in collaboration with SoonSwap, as well as a campaign with CyberTitansGame to share 500 USDT.

It was also announced that the StraitsX Singapore Dollar token, $XSGD, was coming soon to Coinstore. On that same day, $HBD Token was listed on Coinstore, and the $MBB Token was announced for an upcoming listing. On January 29th, a winner of 10 USDT worth of Future Credits was announced via DM, and the Weekly Review from the 22nd to the 28th of January was posted.

On January 28th, the $BDC token was listed on Coinstore and the Weekly New Coins Listing for the 21st-27th of January was posted.

On January 27th, a recruitment for blockchain enthusiasts for CS Leagues was announced, $HPN Token was announced for an upcoming listing, and Japan was reported to be working on policy and guidelines for stablecoins, NFTs and DAOs.

Finally, on the same day, the BENYKE Token was listed on Coinstore, $DCNT Token was announced for an upcoming listing, and $MEC Token was listed..

Year Established2020
Has Trading IncentiveNo

Coinstore Markets
CoinPairVolumeVolume (BTC)Volume (USD)Volume %
EthereumETH/USDT73,815Ƀ 5,062$ 138,229,76952.52%
BitcoinBTC/USDT3,275Ƀ 3,262$ 89,090,55233.85%
FantomFTM/USDT27,209,414Ƀ 315$ 8,618,2563.27%
The SandboxSAND/USDT9,152,897Ƀ 180$ 4,922,9291.87%
PolkadotDOT/USDT515,917Ƀ 100$ 2,751,4611.05%
GalaGALA/USDT73,047,401Ƀ 78$ 2,138,5250.81%
XsgdXSGD/USDT2,420,090Ƀ 65$ 1,788,6130.68%
BinancecoinBNB/USDT5,152Ƀ 58$ 1,583,9480.60%
DydxDYDX/USDT673,805Ƀ 50$ 1,385,3380.53%
ChilizCHZ/USDT10,871,529Ƀ 39$ 1,074,4210.41%