Curve (Ethereum)
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$ 121,836,623
24h Trading Volume
Ƀ 4,721
24h Trading Volume (BTC)

Curve (Ethereum) is a cryptocurrency exchange with total volume of $ 121,836,623 and has markets and pairs

Latest Curve (Ethereum) updates on January 30th

CurveFinance, a cryptocurrency exchange, recently announced that Liquidity Providers (LP) on Uniswap are losing more money than they make.

They proposed to reduce dynamic fees in the cbETH pool and are looking for optimal parameters for not-so-volatile assets.

Furthermore, they suggest that Arrakis could build some good PnL metrics and that users should DM them if they need help in setting up Curve v2.

Lastly, they announced that v2 pools might be better than custom pools..

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Has Trading IncentiveNo

Curve (Ethereum) Markets
CoinPairVolumeVolume (BTC)Volume (USD)Volume %
Usd Coin0XA0B86991/0XDAC17F9530,394,624Ƀ 1,137$ 30,390,44724.94%
Staked Ether0XAE7AB965/0XEEEEEEEE9,243Ƀ 641$ 17,129,97914.06%
Tether0XDAC17F95/0XC02AAA3910,368,158Ƀ 385$ 10,303,7218.46%
Eusd 27a558b0 8b5b 40X97DE57EC/0XA0B869915,859,780Ƀ 220$ 5,903,2474.85%
Staked Ether0XAE7AB965/0XC02AAA392,424Ƀ 168$ 4,490,8313.69%
Tether0XDAC17F95/0X2260FAC53,304,720Ƀ 122$ 3,264,3852.68%
Coinbase Wrapped Sta0XBE989514/0XC02AAA391,638Ƀ 118$ 3,176,3942.61%
Liquity Usd0X5F98805A/0X6C3F90F02,215,106Ƀ 83$ 2,231,4321.83%
Dai0X6B175474/0XDAC17F952,008,782Ƀ 75$ 2,008,4911.65%
Crvusd0XF939E0A0/0XA0B869911,346,266Ƀ 50$ 1,346,1991.10%