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$ 37,301,451
24h Trading Volume
Ƀ 1,445
24h Trading Volume (BTC)

OpenOcean is a cryptocurrency exchange with total volume of $ 37,301,451 and has markets and pairs

Latest OpenOcean updates on January 30th

OpenOceanGlobal is a crypto-currency exchange which has been making updates and announcements lately. On January 30, they reported that Elon Musk wants to use Twitter for crypto payments and encouraged people to bag $DOGE.

They also tweeted about their 2nd Anniversary and teaming up with some of their favorite partners. They announced a Mega Arbitrum Tweet which reported that their Total Value Locked on Arbitrum is now at $1.53b, and shared some of their integration partners.

They also provide users with native access to all their liquidity through OpenOcean, are celebrating their 2nd anniversary with some of their favorite partners, and announced that 100%+ APR is available now on OpenOcean.

On January 29, they were listed on the dApp page of the Mises Extension Browser, and on January 28, they shared a new platform that has successfully integrated the OpenOcean API.

They also shared a few tips and tricks regarding sending crypto-currency..

Year Established2020
Has Trading IncentiveNo

OpenOcean Markets
CoinPairVolumeVolume (BTC)Volume (USD)Volume %
EthereumETH/WSTETH1,411Ƀ 97$ 2,601,6486.97%
EthereumETH/USDC899Ƀ 62$ 1,667,7894.47%
Binance UsdBUSD/BNB1,508,524Ƀ 56$ 1,496,8154.01%
TetherUSDT/USDC1,383,545Ƀ 51$ 1,383,5883.71%
FraxFRAX/USDC1,327,496Ƀ 49$ 1,324,6123.55%
Usd CoinUSDC/ETH1,205,427Ƀ 45$ 1,202,4073.22%
Usd CoinUSDC/USDT1,080,795Ƀ 40$ 1,080,4612.90%
Usd CoinUSDC/WETH1,064,246Ƀ 39$ 1,051,7142.82%
TetherUSDT/MATIC1,018,642Ƀ 38$ 1,017,5892.73%
TetherUSDT/ETH984,387Ƀ 36$ 969,1452.60%