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$ 53,002,656
24h Trading Volume
Ƀ 1,979
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Paribu is a cryptocurrency exchange with total volume of $ 53,002,656 and has 22 markets and 22 pairs

Latest Paribu updates on January 31st

Paribu, a cryptocurrency exchange, has been busy lately with many updates, announcements and events. On January 30th, Nergis Nurcan Kara, Manager of Research Content at Paribu, was a guest on the 30-Minute program broadcasted on BloombergHT.

On January 27th, the Research and Reporting Unit Manager of Paribu, Semih Sercan Erkul, was also a guest on the same program.

They have also collaborated with Boğaziçi University Lifelong Education Center to organize a “Blockchain Education” event.

Furthermore, they held a competition with the winner receiving the book “Blockchain Revolution”. On January 19th, Erman Taylan, Manager at Paribu Ventures, was also a guest on BloombergHT’s 30-Minute program. Paribu has been regularly announcing events, such as Blockchain Talks and the program “Yarının Gündemi”, hosted by Yekta Kopan on BloombergHT.

Moreover, the competition “Following the clues” ended with the winner receiving the book “Blockchain Revolution”.

They have also expressed their thanks to everyone who participated..

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Paribu Markets
CoinPairVolumeVolume (BTC)Volume (USD)Volume %
TetherUSDT/TRY14,248,098Ƀ 540$ 14,680,19127.70%
BitcoinBTC/TRY313Ƀ 322$ 8,759,15416.53%
Galatasaray Fan TokeGAL/TRY1,775,264Ƀ 157$ 4,287,3568.09%
RadicleRAD/TRY1,398,036Ƀ 99$ 2,704,4245.10%
Sevilla Fan TokenSEVILLA/TRY1,488,571Ƀ 98$ 2,689,2585.07%
Fetch AiFET/TRY7,601,334Ƀ 76$ 2,072,1283.91%
RippleXRP/TRY2,281,510Ƀ 44$ 1,219,3202.30%
PepePEPE/TRY928,088,522,752Ƀ 43$ 1,182,0232.23%
Fenerbahce TokenFB/TRY1,117,865Ƀ 42$ 1,165,3042.20%
The GraphGRT/TRY7,091,828Ƀ 36$ 980,5931.85%