Quickswap (v3)
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$ 12,209,750
24h Trading Volume
Ƀ 456
24h Trading Volume (BTC)

Quickswap (v3) is a cryptocurrency exchange with total volume of $ 12,209,750 and has markets and pairs

Latest Quickswap (v3) updates on January 31st

QuickSwap, one of the leading crypto-currency exchanges, has been making impressive progress since January 2023.

On January 30th, they announced their integration with @gammastrategies to enable active liquidity management and maximize users’ liquidity.

They also finished last week on a high note with $172M+ in Total Value Locked, $261M+ trading volume and 17% APY rewards.

Furthermore, they have launched a new Dragon’s Syrup pool for @CookiesProtocol and have integrated with @unstoppableweb to provide an easier login experience.

On top of that, they have added new rewards for $MNTL & $VERSA and have announced their attendance at #POLYCON2023.

Finally, they have launched the Dragon’s Lair staking system to provide more utility for $QUICK. With all these new features and updates, QuickSwap is quickly becoming the go-to crypto-currency exchange..

Year Established2020
Has Trading IncentiveNo

Quickswap (v3) Markets
CoinPairVolumeVolume (BTC)Volume (USD)Volume %
Usd Coin0X2791BCA1/0X7CEB23FD5,778,969Ƀ 213$ 5,788,56047.41%
Wmatic0X0D500B1D/0X2791BCA12,887,519Ƀ 94$ 2,564,81921.01%
Wmatic0X0D500B1D/0X7CEB23FD2,228,549Ƀ 73$ 1,987,41416.28%
Usd Coin0X2791BCA1/0XC2132D051,910,420Ƀ 70$ 1,907,88415.63%
Wmatic0X0D500B1D/0XC2132D051,601,372Ƀ 52$ 1,421,58511.64%
Wrapped Bitcoin0X1BFD6703/0X7CEB23FD35Ƀ 34$ 942,5557.72%
Wrapped Bitcoin0X1BFD6703/0X2791BCA133Ƀ 33$ 905,5597.42%
Weth0X7CEB23FD/0XC2132D05364Ƀ 25$ 680,2725.57%
Bob0XB0B195AE/0X7CEB23FD630,219Ƀ 23$ 630,4035.16%
Axlusdc0X750E4C49/0X2791BCA1539,791Ƀ 19$ 539,4054.42%